About Us

HARRADINE GARDEN SERVICES   was established in 1987 by Ian Harradine and for thirty years we have maintained the gardens to residential complexes, offices, private homes and factories.   In 1992 we were joined by noted interior landscaper, Amanda Mascall.  Since then we have continued to develop our exterior maintenance and interior landscaping services.

Our Clients 

We have a broad variety of clients from individuals with modest gardens to national healthcare providers with extensive grounds.  We value each and every garden and endeavour to bring out the best of their individual qualities. 

  • Blocks of flats.
  • Private houses.
  • Hotels.
  • A distribution centre for a major retailer.
  • Centres for adults with learning difficulties.
  • A Place of Worship.
  • Care homes.
  • Pubs and Restaurants.                                                 

We have full public and employers liability insurance appropriate to the nature of our work and are qualified in the use of pesticides and herbicides.


We have specialists in interior and exterior landscape maintenance.  These are very different disciplines so it pays to have people who understand each specialty.


The amount of work carried out varies according to weather and time of year, so we issue itemised invoices with balances that are carried forward.


We use traditional gardening skills and over thirty years of experience to bring the best out of any garden.


Our knowledge and experience of horticulture have helped us to adapt to the country's changing and unpredictable climate.


We are flexible enough to accommodate (and sometimes take advantage of) unfavourable weather.


We try to increase the wildlife potential of the gardens we maintain, and offer bird feeding and nesting box programmes.


We also offer complimentary services to estate managers such as illustrated site reports and basic repairs.