Garden Services

Here are the main services we provide:-


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Our Services 

We offer comprehensive garden, grounds maintenance, interior landscape and office tropical plant display services.

Every garden is different so we tailor our garden services to each individual site and the requirements of our client. 

We maintain grounds and gardens for the long term.  We do not go in for quick fixes or cosmetic makeovers.  We use our deep knowledge and long experience to ensure that not only will the garden look good now but will continue to look good for years to come.   

We provide our own tools and consumables such as fertilizers and weed treatments. 

We are registered waste carriers and take away all green waste we produce on site for disposal at a licensed recycling centre.

Domestic Gardens

Our domestic garden service ensures that your garden gains the professional attention that it deserves. For a fixed monthly fee, we will visit your garden and take care of the grass cutting, weeding, pruning, cutting of small hedges and application of any appropriate garden treatments (this includes treatments for pests and diseases). By subscribing to our service, you can rest assured that your garden is receiving the routine maintenance that it needs to flourish. You can read more about our domestic garden service here.

Grass Cutting

There are good and bad ways to cut a lawn. The lawn is often the largest element of the garden and needs the most time spent on it.  It needs to be cut at least twice a month to be kept looking reasonable.  We try and use the best way to cut each lawn and, of course we take away the grass cuttings.  We can also carry out lawn treatments.  You can read more about Lawn care and treatments here.

Hedge Cutting

After lawns, hedges are probably the next biggest part of the landscaping, and the easiest to get wrong.  It is important to know the difference between a hedge, a mixed shrub bed and a specimen shrub.  Also different types of hedging need different methods of care.  You can read more about hedge cutting, maintenance and what good and bad practices to look out for here.

Shrub Pruning

Different types of shrub need pruning in different ways and at different times of the year.  We will tailor an individual pruning regime to get the best out of each shrub.  You can read more about shrub pruning here.

Weeding and Weed Control

At Harradine Garden Services, our staff are qualified and very experienced in the field of weed control.  We will introduce a program of measures to establish adequate weed control both now and in the longer term.