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Hedge Cutting

Shrubs that are intended to be hedges, if cut well, can have just as much impact as flowering plants. 

A neatly cut hedge with crisp edges offers an attractive contrast, complementing the less formal planting in the garden.

Example of block hedge cutting.    

Many different types shrubs can be used to form a hedge and they need different types of maintenance to get the best from them.   Some hedges can even be killed if cut in the wrong way or at the wrong time of year. 

Another common example of bad hedge cutting we see all too often is the top of the hedge being cut wider than the base (fig. 1).  The lower part of the hedge becomes leafless because of the shade cast by the top of the hedge. 

By cutting the hedge narrower at the top than at the base helps to ensure the lower part of the hedge is clothed in leaf (fig. 2). This is called the ‘batter’.

Proper hedge cutting method used by Harradine Garden Servicest Diagram showing incorrect and correct hedge cuttingExpert hedge cutting by Harradine garden services


Hedges also need to be weeded.  There are two main things to look out for. The first is herbaceous weeds.  These weeds grow through the hedge, die down in the winter and grow back the following spring, year after year. 

Just cutting the tops off or pulling these weeds up does not get rid of them as the root is left to regrow even stronger.

At Harradine Garden Services our qualified operatives use their in depth knowledge of how weed killers work and vast experience to skilfully treat the weeds without damaging the hedge. The weed roots are killed and the weed will not grow back.

Weeds-growing-through-a-hedge  Treated-weeds-in-hedge

The second thing to look out for is invasion by trees, mainly ash or elder, or by other shrubs.  Left unchecked, a hedge could be quickly overwhelmed by the invader (see below. The invading shrub is tinted blue to make it more visible).

Here again we use our knowledge, experience and training to deal with the problem for the long term.

Hedge invaded by alien shrub