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Lawn Care

Lawn Cutting

The lawn is often the largest element of the garden and needs the most time spent on it. The lawn needs to be cut at least twice a month to be kept looking reasonable.  Spending every other weekend cutting grass can be a chore. Then, what do you do with the grass cuttings? 

When one thinks of a manicured lawn, one has a vision of neat stripes leading up to the big house; we even use this image on our logo. However, it is not good practice, for the long-term health of the lawn, to keep cutting it in the same direction week after week. Along with badly cut hedges, it is common to see lawns cut in this way. This is done either out of ignorance or as a time saving measure.  

Diagonal Lawn Stripes

At Harradine Garden Services we try to cut lawns in least two directions and up to five directions in some cases.  This avoids ruts forming, the grass flattening in one direction and generally encourages a smoother lawn. 


Lawn Treatment

Regular cutting goes a long way to maintaining a good lawn, but what about the daisies, dandelions and clover?  To get a really good lawn it needs other treatments.


From a basic weed and feed once a year to a full programme including de-thatching, aeration, top-dressing moss control and spot treating. We can advise you on the best course of treatment, based on your budget.


Unlike some specialist lawn treatment franchises, we will be visiting your garden regularly so we will be able to apply just the right treatment at just the right time.  We also have an interest in the long-term effect of the treatment and are not dependant on making a one off sale.